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EDWARDS CONSTRUCTION Specializes in Roof Replacement in Morgan County and surrounding areas in Mo. We are proud being a “BBB A+ Rated Company” with many years of experience in commercial and residential roofing contractor solutions. As a complete service general roofing contractor, we’ve got the knowhow to deal with any sort of roofing repair or roof replacement job. We come extremely recommended by insurance agencies, roofing & construction associations, consumer agencies and several satisfied customers who consider us to be a reliable yet affordable roofing contractor Morgan county MO. business.

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Morgan County Missouri Roofing Company Edwards Construction 

With regards to quality roofing installations, quality customer support and best pricing, our unrelenting pursuit and commitment to these attributes, are uncommon and unmatched in our industry. We have been leading the way among roofing contractor companies for many years — we raise the bench mark for others to follow. Our commitment to keep and increase these standards is one reason why we’re considered a premier and preferred roofing replacement company.

“Exceeding Client Expectations” is our mission and it clearly reflects our commitment and integrity on every roof inspection or roofing replacement project. We also specialize in insurance claims for both residential and commercial properties. We may assist you with submitting a claim as well as confirming that your claim has been processed and calculated correctly. We furnish and install every type of roofing system out there. Apart from providing top-of-the-line roofing contractor services, we also possess a broad range of other solutions like siding replacement and gutter guard systems. For Roof Replacement In the Morgan county MO region please Call 573-372-3851

Asphalt Shingles Replacement

Asphalt shingles are the most famous roofing materials used today. In part due to their economical and very affordable pricing, wide availability, and superb durability, asphalt shingles became the go-to selection for residential jobs through the country. Our accredited roofing contractors and remodeling general contractor specialists have invested decades beautifying homes with asphalt shingles, and we also make it a point to ensure our customers have the information they need to make a roofing decision that best reflects their wishes and anticipation. The following outline about asphalt shingles must supply you with additional insight about its popular roofing material.

1) Asphalt Shingle Types, Styles & Colors.

2) Asphalt shingles come in 2 types: organic and fiberglass. Organic shingles are normally made from recycled paper which has been saturated with asphalt to make them water-proof. A coat of adhesive asphalt is then applied, followed by ceramic granules embedded into the outside.

3) Organic shingles have roughly 40 percent more asphalt than fiberglass shingles, which makes them heavier, thicker, and more expensive to produce. Many home owners choose organic shingles because they’re usually considered more rugged, flexible, and are certain to last for long time periods, sometimes with life time guarantees. Drawbacks contain more susceptibility to fire harm, absorbency that makes them predisposed towards warping with time, and less
ecofriendly composition.

Fiberglass shingles have a base coating composed of a fiberglass reinforcing mat which is covered with asphalt and topped with ceramic granules that protect the roof from sunlight harm and damaging UV rays. With less asphalt needed than their natural counterparts, fiberglass shingles are thinner and lighter, frequently have higher fire ratings, and carry longtime warranties. With many improvements in the design and composition of fiberglass materials, they’ve become probably the most famous roofing materials chosen by home owners and contractors.

Today, the appearance of asphalt shingles has been improved to the point where many are not able to differentiate them from others roof materials. This can be because asphalt shingles might be made to assume the look of slate, wooden shakes and tiles. Shingle shapes may also be tailored to achieve a specific look or texture, including scalloped edges or sq., slate shaped shingles to get more traditional looks. Color options also have expanded through the years, devoting home owners the capability to decide on a color that suits the general look and taste of their home. Our expert roof contractors in MO. may assist you in finding the specific look that makes your home look exactly the way you desire.

At Edwards Construction we use only the maximum quality materials and products along with our top-of the line suppliers for asphalt shingles. If you want more info about asphalt shingles, all types, designs, and colors, please feel free to contact us today. Our staff is standing by to assist you make a roof decision which will surpass your expectations.

Roofing Repairs – Roofs which are damaged from wear, age, or hostile storm might need to be repaired before you may safely reenter your home or the commercial building where you work.  Sadly, the signs of a roof that needs repair aren’t always evident to the common eye. Especially when the age and wear set in it may be tricky to identify whether your roof system needs repair. As expert roofing contractors in the MO. area, our roof repair home improvement professionals specialize in the detection of roofs that might be in need of repair. We take this experience to another level with the amount of services that we supply to our customers. Regardless of what state your current roof can be in, the conditions will be treated with care and respect. In all of that we do, we’re always trying to ensure that our clients are delivered with satisfactory results – for the final product they’re provided and the service they experience throughout the process.


You don’t need to choose between quality and affordability with Edwards Construction What to Expect with Edwards Construction Roofing Repairs in Morgan County MO.  We provide our customers with excellent home improvement service and a satisfactory product. Homeowners, business workers, patrons of industrial buildings, and most of surrounding neighbors need to be made aware of the approaching construction. Though we do our best to keep noise levels to a minimum, the nature of roof repair work calls for noise levels that could be out of character for the area. Preparing for these in advance could make the repair process run more easily.

Before we begin any repair job, our company will spend some time to thoroughly inspect the condition of your present roofing system. In case your roof doesn’t pass the proper inspections and safety conditions to move ahead with a fix, the necessary actions need to be taken before the job may safely continue. Consequently, our customers are made aware that the projected date of completion for their fix is responsible to change based on the fluctuation in conditions throughout the fix. Severe weather such as hail, wind, and rain may delay a job, as may unexpected damages which could be found through the examination or throughout the execution of the work.

At Edwards Construction we’ve developed effective methods that provide for quick, easy, and satisfactory roofing and siding improvements and results. Working as a united team, our contractors may speedily fix roofing systems on many various kinds of homes and buildings. From solar roofing systems to metal roofing systems, as well as horizontal roofing systems, our specialists know how to fix conditions on each roofing style. Whenever you expect nothing less than total satisfaction with the repair of your roof, then you ought to think about none other than EDWARDS CONSTRUCTION.

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Siding Contractors Expert

If you’ve decided that it’s time for an upgrade or complete restoration on the siding on your home, then it’s important to be acquainted with the options which are available to you. Consequently, understanding the details involved with siding projects is a must.

About Exterior Siding Projects

Not many contractors are competent to perform siding work. Siding projects require specialized knowledge that only some contractors are capable of managing. Following an examination of your home or home, Vinyl Siding: Vinyl provides a cost-effective choice for jobs that need tough fabric that’s moisture resistant. Not only is vinyl siding a more affordable option, it’s also easily recyclable, which is an extra bonus to the environment. Aluminum coating: Aluminum is a widely abundant material, also it’s the most typical metallic element on Earth. Although it’s lightweight, it’s a strong alloy that conducts electricity and heat extremely well. As such, it became Usually used for construction projects of all types. Wood coating: wood remains the most famous selection for siding, partly due to the aesthetics it provides into the exterior of a house or business structure.

Adding to its value is the fact that timber is simple to install, and even easier to stain or paint. Wood is also renewable energy source, making it eco-friendlier compared to several the other siding options available. Depending upon the present material being used to your siding, and the condition of your outdoor walls, a contractor might recommend any of the options described above. In several cases, it might make more sense to move ahead with one of the newer available options for siding jobs in states through the U.S. Properties which are especially susceptible to decay might be better suited by stained concrete siding which can keep himself in the long-term basis.

Eventually, the siding material that’s selected for your job will come down to a personal choice and the recommendations made to you by your contractor. Each type of siding material has its own advantages and disadvantages. To better understand what it is and how they can impact the future of your home or commercial building, we suggest that you speak with us as soon as possible. We may Supply you with the info you need to know to make an Educated decision about your job.


At Edwards Construction, you might have all your needs were met from one company. Why hire a siding contractor and a separate roofing contractor whenever you may get every one of your needs were met from one company ? Many roofing jobs depends on sound siding, and vice versa. By way of example, roof bits might be extremely comparable to the bits used for siding, and the stability and upkeep of one can depend on the stability and upkeep of another. When these bits fit together well, they’ll be more efficient in sealing water and shielding against other damages. The right siding contractor may have more than just experience working at the business. They’ll also have a skill level that exceeds the standards which have been set by other professionals from the business. Their knowledge and ability will include experience.


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A fantastic way to go about locating a quality contractor to build your home addition would be to pick a contractor which has had great reviews and positive feedback from their past clients. We are continuously perfecting our processes and we work only with the most proficient and experienced subcontractors and vendors to be sure that your construction project is finished correctly. In case you’ve been considering adding an addition to your home, we are glad you found our website and we’d appreciate a chance to bid on your job and supply you with a proposal.

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