Q: Are you licensed and insured ?

A: Yes, Edwards Construction is licensed and insured, as are all our subcontractors that will be for your own project.

Q: Would you give me references from prior home buyers ?

A: Yes, you find testimonials from previous customers right here, and we’re happy to provide a reference listing.

Q: Do you have homes you’ve built or remodeled I can see ?

A: Yes, we have houses we’ve built and always Any of our houses under construction are offered for scheduled walk through.

Q. What does it take to come up with a plan to remodel my kitchen ?

A: We’ll have to work together to develop your needs and needs for your new kitchen.  We are going to start with our design phase. In this procedure we’ll blend your ideas with our kitchen remodeling abilities to develop along with various options which ultimately will lead to the perfect plan for your new kitchen.

Q. What does it take to create an open concept kitchen floor plan ?

A: Every kitchen may have different requirements in order to create an open concept kitchen floor plan, which is among the most famous models that we do for home owners. By opening the kitchen to the dwelling regions of the home, both areas benefit from the creation of a much more family-friendly floor plan. A more open concept kitchen will even work far better for family holiday gatherings and entertaining buddies. Reconfiguring your kitchen can be complex or simple. In either case we may do the work it can take to design the changes and complete the shift from cut off to a open concept kitchen floor plan.

Q: Who should I contact with any questions that I might have ?

A: A project manager is delegated to your build and will be available to answer any questions you may have. And plays an important role in tackling each project and is also always available for questions or concerns’.

Q: Do you work with realtors ?

A: We believe that realtors play an essential role in the home world. We’ll gladly work with realtors and also have teamed with our own team to help you in whatever your requirements can be with selling or buying your home:

Q: Can I pick my own subcontractors ?

A: No, simply because all of our subcontractors have to meet our insurance needs and have an established track record. We have established long term relationships and trust with our subcontractors and feel confident they’ll care of our clients.

Q. How Often Should a Roof Be Replaced ?

A: Your roof is the last barrier between you and the sky’s feces to help you’ll want to ensure it is structurally sound and impermeable to the elements. Evidently, there are many kinds of roofs with varying life spans so choose your poison:

1) Rock Roofs: 12-fifteen years
2) Composition Shingles: 12-20 years
3) Shake/Wood Shingles: 20-25 years
4) Metal Roofs: 50-75 years
5) Clay Roofs: 50-one hundred years”

Q. How Do You Square Frame Walls ?

A: If you’re adding walls to your home, it’s crucial that they’re sq. and plum. You could make all the appropriate measurements however it’s still important to be familiar with the basic insights of structural integrity. An extremely straightforward way to guarantee your framing walls are truly sq. is by laying them flat and measuring diagonally from corner to corner at both positions. When the two diagonal measurements are exactly equal, your framework is technically sq. Tip: conduct a piece of lumber the duration of the diagonal and put it in place to prevent any shifting.

Q. How Much Insulation Can I Use in My Attic ?

A: Proper insulation is an essential aspect with respect to controlling your stresses the climate of your home in a efficient manner. Experts advocate, for most regions, which you insulate with about 12 to 15 inches (R-38). R-Value pertains to the insulation’s capability to defend against heat — the higher the R-Value, the more effective the insulation. If you Reside in more extreme climates, you can chalk with an R-Value that suits your liking.

Q. Can I add a gas stove to an all-electric home ?

A: It is possible to add propane gas to any home for cooking or even a fireplace feature. Gas appliances need to be specially jetted for gas. We’ll have to have a proper outdoor area to find the large storage tank and operate the gas pipe to the desired indoor areas.

Q. What kinds of kitchen countertops are best ?

A: Replacing countertops is a fantastic method to improve virtually any kitchen. Hard surface counters like granite and granite are the most frequently used surface currently. Their cost changes. Granite might possess more veining and movement in its look. Quartz countertops have more of a uniform layout and color. They’ll hold up as well or better than granite.

Q. Can new kitchen cabinets be installed without replacing or installing a new floor ?

A: In case your kitchen flooring was installed after your present cabinets, then there’ll be no floors under the cabinets. In case you’ve more of the flooring, it can always be used with your kitchen closet to fix or reconfigure the cupboard footprint. In case you don’t possess more of the present flooring, it is necessary to replicate the present kitchen cabinet layout. This doesn’t mean that the brand-new kitchen closet will be identical in looks or function to the present cabinets. Many modifications could be made to make your brand-new kitchen more functional and attractive than before. This option is particularly desirable for a kitchen remodel with a limited spending budget.

Q. Should I open the wall between my kitchen and the adjoining room ?

A: Opening your kitchen is among the most famous remodeling jobs with today’s homeowner. The old your home is, the more probable your kitchen is cut away from the living and entertaining regions of your home. By eliminating all or part of the wall separating your kitchen from the living areas, you can completely transform both areas. Today’s lifestyle is less formal than in decades past. Formal dining rooms and isolated kitchens don’t fit with how friends and family want to intermingle and socialize. Opening your kitchen will transform your friends and family get-togethers.

Q. What size of garbage disposal should I install in my new kitchen ?

A: For most home owners doing a kitchen remodel, a 1/2 horse power trash disposal will probably be all they’ll ever want. You may want to consider an air switch in place of the usual wall switch. They’re a convenient and attractive option to cluttering your kitchen wall with another switch. For home owners with the disposal switch within the cupboard, replacing it with an air switch is going to be the perfect solution.